AO3 (Archive of Our Own) is an open-source archive for not-for-profit fan fiction of various genres and fandoms. When I was in middle school through college, fanfic was on or LiveJournal, but I guess those sites aren’t as active anymore.

After requesting an invitation and waiting about a week, I created my profile. I uploaded my fan fiction of James Joyce’s “Araby” (the first fanfic on the site for that story, I think!) and Breaking Bad. I’ve previously uploaded both works here on Medium, but there’s not much fanfic on there. As I said on my profile, I guess this is where fanfic lives now. Any changes I’ve made from Medium are very minor: longer notes on both and a few sentences added to the Breaking Bad one. I love being able to add distinct author’s notes to the beginning or end. Thanks so much for reading!

I added one more chapter to my Breaking Bad fanfic since I uploaded an earlier version to Medium. Over 12 years after rewriting James Joyce’s “Araby” from the unnamed girl’s perspective, I finally wrote a sequel to my earlier story. “The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” is ekphrasis of Bernini’s statue of the same name as well as a sequel to my “In the Convent” from early 2009. I hope all my fan fiction works with the source material or alone. I loved writing them. I missed feeling like an “amateur” writer, playing around.